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January 24th, 2023

Change Subscription Shipping Frequency

How to change how often you receive subscription shipments

Please Note

If your subscriptions are in a 6 month commitment, you'll be unable to change your frequency due to the commitment terms you've agreed to. If you have questions regarding your agreement, please see our Free Diffuser Promo Policy


Loving your Pura fragrances? Choose to receive your fragrances quickly, or slower if you're saving your scents! Here's how:  

Step-by-step Change Frequency

1. Open the Pura app and go to the Deliveries tab. 
2. At the top of your screen, click the Subscriptions tab.
3. Click View Details next to the fragrance you'd like to change the frequency of. 
4. Choose the frequency you'd like to receive the fragrance at. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 month intervals. 
5. Once you've chosen the frequency, press Save Changes. 
6. You'll see a popup on the top of your screen confirming the subscription has been updated.
Please Note: You'll need to repeat these steps for each fragrance that you're subscribed to. 

Additionally: If you have updated your frequency for anything over 1 month intervals, your charge date will not update for your upcoming shipment, but will then reflect all remaining shipments going forward. If you'd like to update the charge date before then, please reach out to Customer Care.

For Example

If your subscription is supposed to ship out on October 1st, and you update the frequency of both subscription fragrances to send out twice a month, your subscriptions will still send out on October first, and then update to twice a month, with the next shipment set to December 1st. 

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