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January 24th, 2023

Redeem Reward Points On A One-Time Purchase

How to apply rewards to one-time orders

Rewards Program

With every purchase you make with Pura, you earn points! All of your points can be redeemed at anytime. Here's how to redeem points on a one-time purchase.  


1. Start by logging into your Pura account.
2. Sign into your account. 
2. Shop for and select which items you want for your one-time purchase, and add them to your cart. Make sure to click One-Time Purchase when adding items.
4. Review that the items you've selected are correct, then click Checkout. 
5. To see your rewards options, click Choose Reward. A dropdown will appear. Click on the reward you'd like to use. 
6. Click the Apply button to redeem your rewards.
7. If you've successfully added your discount, you should see it as a tag on your screen, as well as a discounted overall price. 

Can I Use More Than One Discount? 

You can use one discount code per-order. Adding more than one discount code will remove any additional rewards from your order and only apply the most recent code. 


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