Device Set Up

  • Setting Up Your Pura Device

    You Have Your Pura Device, Now What? Watch our Setup tutorial video or read the step-by-step process below...

  • Device Tech Specs

    Let's Get Technical, Here Are Our Device Tech Specifications The Pura Device is compatible with most home ...


Device Fixes & Troubleshooting

  • Weak Smell

    Smelling Your Pura Should Be the Easiest Part Can't smell your Pura fragrances?  Don't worry...

  • App Error Indications

    What It Means When Your Pura Has An Error Indication See the below App Error Indications for troubleshootin...

  • WIFI Connection Troubleshooting

    Let’s Get You Connected Having trouble connecting to your wireless network? Here are a few tips to help yo...

  • Device Offline | Flashing Red & Green

    The Pura Device May Flash Red & Green When It Is Experiencing Network Delays A red and green flashing ligh...

  • Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting

    The First Step Is Bluetooth To initially connect to and set up your Pura Device, you will need to use the ...


Device Maintenance

  • Cleaning Your Device

    Everyone wants a clean Pura! Let's learn how to clean your device! When working with vials of oil, you are ...

  • Device Warranty

    We Promise a Warranty for Your Device We want you to get the most out of your Pura Device! If you are expe...



  • TestFlight

    TestFlight is our gateway to beta testing the Pura Mobile App To test new app features and collect tr...