Set Up Device

  • How to: Set Up Your Device

    So you have your Pura device, now what? Watch our Setup tutorial video or read the step-by-step process be...

  • How to: Update Fragrance Schedules

    Check out these great tips on how to manage and update your schedules! :)  1. Click on the small "Calendar"...



  • Can't Smell your Pura?

    Hi there! Are you having issues smelling the fragrances in your Pura device? Don't worry! We're happy to he...

  • How to: Troubleshoot Your Device

    If you experience any connectivity issues with your device, please refer to this list which contains diffe...

  • How to: Fix WiFi Connectivity

    Having trouble connecting to WiFi? Here are a few tips to help you connect with ease!IMPORTANT: Please not...

  • How to: Enable Bluetooth Connection

    Having trouble enabling your Bluetooth connection with your device? No problem! Follow the steps below, an...

  • Pura Device is Flashing Red and Green?

    We are so sorry that you are having issues. We hope this article helps! A red and green flashing light i...

  • How to: Perform a Factory Reset on Your Device

    Please "Forget the Device" on the app before performing the Factory Reset.Open the Pura app and you will se...

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Pura Device

  • Tech Specs

    Pura Device - Version 2 WiFi- 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ for optimal range, performance, and compatibility Blu...

  • How Much Does Pura Cost?

    The Pura Smart Home device costs $44, and our fragrances vary from $12-$20. What if I choose to subscrib...