Using the Away Mode Feature


Intro to Away Mode

Away Mode saves you fragrance when you are not there to smell them!

The Pura Smart Home Device features Away Mode which creates a geo-fence around each Pura Device.

When connected to the device via the Pura Mobile App, smartphone users will activate this mode when entering and leaving the geo-fence.

When Pura App Users leave the geo-fence, the device will stop the active fragrances, ensuring that no oil is wasted when no one is home. 

When any Pura App Users re-enter the geo-fence, the device will resume the normal schedule.

Note: This does not mean that the diffusers will automatically activate upon arrival since they may have been manually stopped or may be controlled via a schedule. 

Enabling Away Mode

You can activate Away Mode for a diffuser using the Pura mobile app. Navigate to the device you have previously set up, and at the bottom of the initial device landing page, tap the away mode toggle. You can enable and disable this feature at any time. 


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