Can't Smell your Pura?


Hi there!

Are you having issues smelling the fragrances in your Pura device? Don't worry! We're happy to help out. 😀

Before we get started, we wanted to share some information that might be helpful! First, not all of our fragrances have the same strength or range. We have three different strengths, ranging from "Subtle", "Medium", and "Strong". Here is the breakdown below:

Subtle - up to 300 sqft
Medium - up to 600 sqft
Strong - up to 1,000 sqft

To see what strength your fragrance is, visit the fragrance page in our store and filter the fragrances into "Strong", "Medium", and "Subtle" on the left side of the page.

You can also adjust the fragrance intensity from 1-10 using the Pura app!

Another thing to note is that even if the vial has some oil remaining inside, there may not be any "fragrance" left. Not all of our vials will burn the oil all the way down to the bottom. 

Finally, we've found that the device is usually not the problem when it comes to smelling the fragrance. To test this theory, we ask that you plug your Pura device in a smaller room, like a bathroom and turn the scent intensity up to 10, to see if you can smell it there. If you can smell it in the smaller room, try plugging it back in a different location in the bigger room that your device was in before. Things like airflow and ceiling height can change how the fragrance disperses throughout the room.

If you are still unable to smell your Pura in that small space, then there may be an issue with the Pura device itself. We ask that you reach out to our Support team by submitting a ticket on our website or emailing us at We are happy to help you troubleshoot your device, and if we can't get it working, we can send you a Warranty device! 

We'll do everything we can to get your house smelling great in no time! 😀