Pura Wants to Take You on a 7-Day Cruise! 🚢


This year, we are taking 5 of our ambassadors and their friends on an all paid for 7-day cruise to the Bahamas! Here come's a lot of information, so stay with me, you'll want to hear this! 


The Who: YOU! Any ambassador can win.  Not only can you win, but you have 5 chances because we are taking the top 5 ambassadors on this cruise with a plus one of your choice! 

The What: A 7 day all paid for cruise to the Bahamas, with a $250 flight bonus to get you to New Orleans where we will be taking off on the Royal Caribbean.

The Where: Starting in New Orleans, we'll get on the boat and cruise to Key West, Florida, Nassau, Coco Cay, and more.

The When: The ambassador challenge will run from January 10th until June 10th. The cruise is already booked and ready to go August 29th- September 5th.

The How: Here is the most important part! The first 5 ambassadors to reach $2,000 in commission by selling Pura products with your unique link/code will go on the cruise! 

So, you are making commission and winning an all paid for 7-day vacation?! OMG

So how do you get started? First, make sure you are signed up as an ambassador and know your unique code/link. Then, share your Pura experience with the world! Share via FB, Insta, Snapchat, home parties, family, friends, strangers, etc. 

We will have various tips, tricks, and challenges along the way to help you reach this ultimate cruise! 

Just one last thing. Even if you do not win the grand prize cruise, we are going to be giving away other prizes over the next few months! Think cash, electronics, gift cards, fragrances and more! 

Make sure you are following along on our Instagram (@pura) where we will be posting and updating you on the challenge and hang on to this email for future reference. Good luck Pura fam!!!