Leaking Fragrance


In the Case of a Leaking Fragrance

First and foremost, make sure to clean any oil residue quickly. Our fragrances follow the strictest rules and guidelines in cosmetics, and we are very deliberate and cautious to keep the fragrance ingredient line-up at the very top. However, in concentrated amounts, the oils can dissolve and remove varnish and other finishes on certain materials, for example, wooden furniture. Consider placing the leaking vial in a plastic or glass bowl.

If the oil has gotten on to the device or other surfaces, please visit our Cleaning Your Device article for proper steps to cleaning your device. 

Note: Remember to always follow manufacturer directions when using any cleaning agents. We are not liable for damages caused by improper cleaning.

Replacing Your Leaking Fragrance

Once you have everything cleaned, please visit our Return & Exchange Portal to process a leaking fragrance request so that we can can get you a replacement vial asap! 

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