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Pura Device is Flashing Red and Green?


We are so sorry that you are having issues. We hope this article helps!

A red and green flashing light indicates that your device is having trouble connecting to the server. Often times server issues are just resolved from our side, you can simply unplug, then plug in the device to help reboot. 

Additionally, if your WiFi has any sort of added security (a login after putting in the password), or if you are on 5G WiFi, then the device will have issues connecting to the server. To help diagnose the issue you can make sure you are on 2.4G WiFi and verify your phone and device are on the same WiFi. 

If you are still having any issues, click the “Help” icon found throughout our help center! You can search for related articles, or to reach out to our Customer Support Team directly, you can start a live chat between 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM MST. We are happy to help!