Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting


The First Step Is Bluetooth

To initially connect to and set up your Pura Device, you will need to use the Pura Mobile App to make a connection via Bluetooth. See below for help with Bluetooth set up!

Getting Started

  1. First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. The steps to ensure this may vary between different versions of iOS and Android devices. 
  2. Make sure that no other Bluetooth devices are connected or are trying to pair with your phone. If you have other devices, for example, Bluetooth headphones, connected or trying to pair, the Pura app may not detect your Pura Smart Diffuser, and you may receive errors in the Pura app.
  3. Continue your Pura Device setup. Once complete, your Pura Device will continue to connect to the Pura Mobile App and the internet via WiFi, and Bluetooth will no longer be required.

Note: The Pura Mobile App will automatically control the Bluetooth connection process. Do not try to manually connect to your Pura Device via your phone's Bluetooth settings as it is not required and may cause an error to occur.


If you are having trouble connecting to your Pura Device to start the device setup, follow the steps below to ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is set up for success, attempting the device setup after each step, and continuing to the next step if you are still unable to complete the setup. 

  1. Ensure no other Bluetooth devices are connected/pairing with your phone, then try the setup again. 
  2. Disable Bluetooth on your device, and enable it, then try the setup again.
  3. Try force closing the Pura mobile app, then relaunch it, then try the setup again.
  4. Try logging out and back into the Pura mobile app, then try the setup again.
  5. Try uninstalling the Pura mobile app, then reinstalling it from the app store, then try the setup again.
  6. Try restarting your phone, then try the setup again.
  7. Check your phone for OS updates, and install any that are available, then try the setup again.

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