How to: Set Up Your Device


So you have your Pura device, now what? Here is a quick, step-by-step tutorial, to help you get set up!

1. Download and launch the Pura app.

2. Create an account in the app and launch the on-boarding sequence.

3. Scan the QR code on the back of your device and then plug it in facing up.

4. The nightlight will flash blue, meaning that Pura device is ready to pair with your Bluetooth. (For any questions about connecting Bluetooth, please reference our article "How To: Enable Bluetooth Connection".)

5. Select your WiFi network, or search for it, if it doesn't appear. 

5. Connect to your WiFi network. The nightlight will turn green when it has properly connected to your WiFi network. (For any questions about connecting to WiFi, please reference our article "How To: Fix WiFi Connectivity".)

6. Your device is now being configured where it will connect to your WiFi network, connect to the cloud, and verify device ownership.

7. Congrats! Everything should be working now :). If for some reason this process did not work for you, please reach out to our Customer Support team on our chat or by email at 

8. Scan the QR Codes of your selected fragrances and insert them into the correct bays (make sure to unscrew the lid and that they double click into the device).

9. Select "Room Type" for your device.

10. Put on the magnetic cover, and usually the device will update to the most recent software update (if the cover is not sitting on properly, make sure your fragrances are inserted completely into the bay). The light will turn white when it is complete. Finally, press "Finish". 

Again, if you experience any issues during the setup process, please reach out to our Customer Support team by submitting a ticket or by emailing us at