How to: Change a Fragrance in Your Subscription


To change the fragrances in your subscription, click on “View Details”.

If you are on the Fragrance Plan:
Scroll down to “Manage Upcoming Orders”, then click “Edit Your Selections”. You will notice at the top of the page the number of remaining selections available. To select a new fragrance, you will first need to click the “-” minus button of your current selections, after which you can select the fragrance you’d like to add by clicking on the “+” button. After you’ve made your decision, click “Save Changes”.

If you are on the new Subscription Plan:
Scroll down to "Products in Your Subscription", then click on "Swap Product" to choose a new product. If you click on "Manage Upcoming Orders", you can then select "Edit Quantity" if you'd like to increase the TOTAL number of fragrances coming out (this option is not available on the Fragrance Plan).

If you still are having trouble changing the fragrance in your subscription, please reach out to our Customer Support team by submitting a ticket or by emailing us at