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How Long Does Each Fragrance Last?

The measurements displayed in the Pura mobile app are based on average customer usage and uses a timer to notify users of their remaining scent.
The HIGH oil level is based on 101+ hours remaining
The MEDIUM oil level is based on 51-100 hours remaining
The LOW oil level is based on 0-50 hours remaining
The remaining scent as it appears in the app does not relate directly to available oil remaining in each vial. The actual usage of oil will differ based on the device intensity set via the Pura mobile app. 
The fragrance should follow the timeline above, but for some reason has been reading "low fragrance" too soon. This is something that our team has been looking into, but does not have a solution at the moment. To make sure that your device is working properly and heating up, you can perform the following on your device:
  • Diffuse a fragrance on the left side of your device for at least 30 minutes on a 10 intensity, then feel the top left hole on your device to see if it warms up or not. Repeat this process on the right side.

If your device is not heating up, please click the “Help” icon found throughout our help center! You can search for related articles, or to reach out to our Customer Support Team directly, you can start a live chat between 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM MST. We are happy to help!