Fragrance Duration


Our Guideline to an Average Fragrance Duration

To understand how long your fragrance will last, please note that one vial is estimated to last up to 2 weeks if running 8 hours a day at a level 5 intensity. To put this into perspective, if each device holds two fragrances, your fragrance will last 1 month before needing replacement vials. As well, one device will fill an average sized room. 
The oil level status displayed in the Pura Mobile App is based on average customer usage:
  • High oil level is based on 101+ hours remaining
  • Medium oil level is based on 51-100 hours remaining
  • Low oil level is based on 0-50 hours remaining
The fragrance should follow the timeline above. The best way to accurately check the fragrance level is to physically remove the vial to confirm how much oil is still remaining. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fragrance

There are many ways that you can conserve and get the most out of your fragrances.  Check out our Conserving Your Fragrance article for the best tips and tricks! 

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