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How to: Fix WiFi Connectivity


Having trouble connecting to WiFi? Here are a few tips to help you connect with ease!
IMPORTANT: Please note, the devices do NOT support 5G WiFi and ONLY support 2.4G (as with the vast majority of smart home devices; 5G does not have as good of a range as 2.4G because it can't penetrate obstacles, and the signal is easier to disrupt). That being said, if you currently have 5G WiFi, you should have access to 2.4G as well. You will just need to reach out to your internet provider.

If the device is flashing red during set up, this is an indicator of WiFi connectivity problems. Here are some key items to consider:

  1. Are you on a 2.4G WiFi? 
  2. Is the password inputted correctly? Sometimes, if you have both a 5G and 2.4G WiFi, the passwords may be different. 
  3. If you answered yes to questions 1 and 2, in order to troubleshoot, try moving the device in a location closer to your router/modem. This will strengthen the WiFi connection. 

To set up, please make sure you are manually entering your WiFi name exactly as it appears, ex. “Purawifi” (including the capitals) and not "Purawifi-5G". Also, make sure there is no space after the WiFi name. Any incorrect spacing or capital/lower-case letters will cause it to not connect. The manual input screen requires it to be exactly the same as your network name.

If your problems continue, please click the “Help” icon found throughout our help center! You can search for related articles, or to reach out to our Customer Support Team directly, you can start a live chat between 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM MST. We are happy to help!