Conserving Your Fragrance


Getting the Most Out of Your Fragrance

There are many ways you can conserve fragrance when using your Pura device, and to get the most out of each vial, we have a few suggestions:

Setting a Lower Intensity

Within the Pura App there is the option to adjust the level of fragrance intensity.  By lowering the intensity at times, more fragrance will be conserved. 

Storing Your Vials

Our fragrances have a long shelf life. If you ever swap out a fragrance to be replaced and there is still oil remaining, you can store for later use! This is especially great for seasonal fragrances that are not used year-round. Be sure when storing to re-secure the lids so that the wick does not leak or dry out. 

Using Your Schedules

The scheduling feature is a great way to conserve your fragrance!  This allows for the device to only run at desired times, and automatically turns off when not needed.  For example, when you are sleeping, at work, at school, etc. Refer to Setting Your Fragrance Schedule for more information.

Away Mode

The Away Mode feature allows the Pura Device to detect when you are not around, ensuring that no oil is wasted while you are away.  To learn more, check out our Away Mode article!

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