Redeeming Your Reward Points


Let's go through how to redeem your reward points!

NOTE: An active subscription is required to redeem reward points

For help on how to access your reward points, please review this article! Rewards Program

 1. Once you have logged in to see your rewards, press "Redeem Now"




2. Select how many points you want to redeem! (For this example we selected $20 for 400 points)




3. You will then receive a code for your discount! Go ahead and copy the code or take note of it somehow, you'll need it! 




4. Once you have the code, go into your Deliveries Tab!



5. Click on the 3 dots and select "Add Discount Code" 




6.  Add your provided discount code on to your subscription! (stay tuned on how to apply it at checkout)




7. Your discount is now applied onto your upcoming subscription order! 

NOTE: If you'd prefer to use the code on a new order at checkout, remove the code by pressing the X where the code is applied.




8. Now that the discount has been removed from your upcoming subscription, you can now process a new order and apply your same code under the "discount code" tab! (the code only works with subscription products and devices)

NOTE: If you remove the code from your subscription and never end up using it no worries! The points will automatically go back onto your account in a few days!*



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