Redeeming Your Reward Points


Let's learn how to redeem your reward points!

Note: You must be a current subscriber or have a subscription in your cart to use rewards points.

For help on how to access your rewards points, please review this article! Rewards Program

 1. Once you have logged in to see your rewards, press 'Redeem Now'




2. Select how many points you want to redeem! (For this example we selected $20 for 400 points)




3. You will then receive a code for your discount! You will only need to copy this code for checkout if you are using the code towards a first time subscription order.  If you are already a subscriber, once your points are redeemed the code will automatically be applied to one of your current subscription deliveries. 




4. If you are already a subscriber and want to ensure that your code has been applied to one of your current subscriptions, go to the 'deliveries' tab in the Pura App. There you can view the unique code applied to your subscription delivery.

Note: Once a code is deleted from your subscription delivery it cannot be added again. If you are wanting to make changes or add items to the delivery, you may do so without deleting the code.

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