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November 22nd, 2022

Fragrance Lifecycle

Understand the lifecycle & intensity of your fragrances

Please Note

This feature is currently in beta and may not reflect in your app experience at this time. 


Using your fragrances just got easier! You can now see your remaining fragrance life, days since last refill, next refill date, and your next subscription delivery schedule. 


1. Open your Pura app and click on the fragrance you'd like to see. There should be a white tab at the bottom of your screen. Swipe up to see more. 
2. The screen that comes up should show the remaining fragrance life, days since refill, next refill date, and the next subscription delivery schedule.

Hours Until Refill

1. Your app will show you the amount of hours until you need to refill your fragrance. Your full vial starts at 156 hours. 
2. As your fragrance depletes, the circle will reflect these changes.  
3. Once your fragrance is empty, you'll get a Refill Now notification. 

Refill Now

1. The Refill Now notification comes up when it's time to change the fragrance. To change your fragrance, click Refill Now.
2. Remove your old fragrance from your Pura diffuser. 
3. Scan the QR code on the back of the new fragrance. 
4. Verify that the fragrance you scanned is correct, then click Save and Continue. 
5. Remove the vial cap, and insert your fragrance into the Pura diffuser until you hear a click. Press Continue to complete your fragrance refill. 
6. If you would like to swap a fragrance before it's completely depleted, click the refill button in the middle of the circle. 
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