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January 18th, 2023

Set Up Pura Car Diffuser

Follow these simple steps to set up and start using your new Car diffuser

Step-by-step How To Set Up Pura Car

1. Download and launch to Pura app. 
2. Sign in or create an account to begin setting up your Pura Car.  
3. Click the Car icon to begin set up. 
4. Switch the toggle on the bottom of the diffuser to On, then click Continue. 

5. The app will scan for your diffuser. The diffuser closest to your phone will show first. Click the one on top: 

No Device Found

If you get an error message that says No Device Found, make sure your bluetooth is enabled. 

6. Remove your fragrance cartridge from it packaging, and insert it into the side of your car diffuser. Then, click Continue in the app. 
7. Confirm the fragrance is the correct fragrance by clicking Save & Continue. 
8. The accelerometer in your Pura Car diffuser senses when your vehicle is moving, turning your diffuser on to disperse scent automatically. It will turn off when you stop driving. Click Continue to proceed. 

You can disable this feature in your settings. 
9. To manually control fragrance without the Pura app, push button once for each intensity level (low, medium, high, off).
10. Your Pura Car is ready for use. Happy scenting! 
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