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October 21st, 2021

Order Shipping & Tracking

Order Information directory

Order Status

You can check your order's status via our Order Status Page. This page contains:

  • Shipment Information
  • Tracking History
  • Tracking Updates And Timelines
  • Support And Return Links

To view the current status of your order, please visit the Order Status Page for more information.

Order Processing

Once your order has shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email with order and tracking information. The tracking link in this email is provided by your courier (ex: UPS, USPS, etc.).

If you believe the status of your courier-provided-status is incorrect or does not reflect the actual status of your order, you may need to reach out directly to the courier for more information. This may mean that the order still hasn't left the courier's facility. If you notice any irregular delays, please reach out to us.

Shipment Information

Shipment and delivery details can be found via the tracking number provided, and are included in order confirmation emails. You may also find this information on the Order Status Page. We provide free shipping for orders containing 2+ items.

Delivery times are dependent on USPS and UPS working hours. We do not offer international shipping at this time. For more information on where Pura products are available, see our Pura Availability & Retailers Article.


If you have not received a notification or tracking number for your shipment, your order is most likely on hold. This can happen when an item is out of stock, or on backorder. We do our best to notify customers of these back-ordered or out-of-stock items on our website, so you may also receive email addressing these changes in stock if applicable to your order.

Note: Other delays in shipment may be due to an error in order information, such as your shipping address. You can refer to your order confirmation email to ensure the information on your order is correct. If changes need to be made to your account, please refer to our Updating Account Information Article. 

Lost Orders

If you believe your order has been lost or misplaced, please file a claim with the respective courier to resolve the issue. See our Lost Shipment article for more details.


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