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January 24th, 2023

Returns & Exchanges

Process a return or exchange

Pura's Promise

We love our Pura customers and want to ensure an amazing experience, If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer lifetime exchanges and returns on any Pura products.

Return & Exchange Requirements

  • Do not send back any fragrances, used or unused. 
  • When returning orders, be sure to remove any fragrances from your device.

Note: If the return doesn't meet these requirements, it's subject to a partial/no refund. Refunds are dependent on adherence to return requirements. 


Please Note

Our Returns & Exchanges portal will allow one exchange per order. Return shipping fees are covered by Pura. 

We can also offer refunds on returned products up to 30 days after the delivery date.

The Returns & Exchanges policy is not applicable to to Diffuser Warranties. Please see our Device Warranty page for more information on diffuser policies. 


We recommend using the Returns & Exchanges portal to process any returns, exchanges, or to replace any damaged items. Here's how: 
1. Go to the Returns & Exchanges portal located on pura.com
2. Enter your order number in the format PSI123456 and your zip code, then select the Get Started button.
3. Choose which item from your order you'd like to return. 
4. To receive a refund for your item, select Return Item.
5. Choose a reason for return.
6. You may have picked an option that asks if you'd prefer to exchange for a new fragrance or a different one. If this is the case, choose one of these selections, or click Return Item to continue. 
7. Here you can add another item to your return, or if you have no other items in your order to include in the return, press Continue With Return. 
8. Double check your return request to ensure no steps were missed, then click Submit Return to process your request. 

9. If your return includes a Pura diffuser, you'll be emailed a return label to your email your Pura account is under. Print out your return label and return the products at your earliest convenience. Once we receive your package, we'll issue your refund. 

Order Not Found

If you are getting an Order Not Found message when using the returns portal, make sure the beginning of your order starts with PSI, not PS1. 

Additionally, ensure the zip code you're using is the same as what was used when placing the order. 

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