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September 23rd, 2021

WIFI Connection Troubleshooting

A Troubleshooting Guide for wireless networks

Let’s Get You Connected

Having trouble connecting to your wireless network? Here are a few tips to help you connect with ease!


WIFI Is Needed

The Pura Device does require a 2.4GHz wireless network to operate. Without a wireless network, it is not possible to set up and use the Pura Device. If you purchased a Pura Device but do not have a home network available, you can return your Pura Device and other Pura products through our Returns Portal. For more information, see our Returns & Exchanges ‍article. 

Signs Of Network Issues

  • The Pura Device backlight may glow red when it is having trouble connecting to a network.
  • The Pura mobile app may show an offline banner on any devices that are not connected.

Network Band Frequency

The Pura Device does NOT support 5GHz WIFI networks and ONLY supports 2.4GHz connections.

Most modern “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices prefer or only support 2.4GHz wireless networks because the 2.4GHz frequency has a longer range and can more easily extend through walls and through larger homes.  

Most home WIFI routers broadcast either 2.4GHz or 5GHz network frequencies, though more modern ones commonly feature both, either presented as two different available networks eg. “My-home Network - 2.4G” and “My-home Network - 5G” or as one multi-band network with a single name eg. “My-home Network”.

Note: It is possible that your router features both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies but that one frequency has been disabled. 

If you are unsure which frequencies your router features, you can review your router configuration or contact your router manufacturer for more details. If you received your router from your internet service provider (ISP) you may be able to contact them to get router support and information.

Network Speed & Range

If you are unable to connect to your WIFI network or once connected the Pura Device is displaying connection warnings, this may be due to the range of your network. It is common for Pura customers to place Pura Devices in rooms with metal obstacles which may reduce the connection quality and cause the Pura device to lose or never gain connection.

To troubleshoot this, you can move your Pura device closer to your wireless router and test the connection from there. It is also recommended to review your internet speed provided by your internet service provider.

Hidden Networks

If your home network is “hidden” or otherwise does not broadcast its network SSID, your network will not appear in the available networks list within the Pura Mobile App, instead, you can choose to manually enter your network name. Be sure to enter it just as it appears including any capitalization, special characters, and spaces. (Ex: “My-home Network”).

Networks Without Passwords

To connect to a network the Pura Device requires a network password. When setting up your Pura device via the Pura Mobile App, the onboarding workflow will include fields to enter in your network name and password. If your network does not currently require a password, you can update your wireless router configuration to require one.

Captive Portals and Additional Security Features

The Pura device is unable to connect to networks wherein additional security features are used, including showing captive portals, requiring additional authentication methods, user accounts, or if the network is shared between multiple customers, such as in apartments or student dorms.

Captive Portals

Captive Portals are interfaces, typically including a web form that is required to be filled out to connect to a network. The webform could require a username and password, a security code or key, or might feature 2-factor authentication. In any case, the Pura Device is unable to present this interface and therefore will not able to connect to the network.

MAC Address Authentication

In situations where additional security features are implemented in home networks, we have seen success using MAC Address authentication, wherein you can manually add your Pura Device MAC Address into your network configuration to allow it to bypass security features including captive portals. Work with your internet service provider or IT administrator for more information.

Issues With Power

To hold a strong connection with the local network, the Pura Device requires a consistent source of power. Devices that share electrical power with other devices may have a hard time staying connected. When setting up your Pura Device, it is recommended to plug it directly into a wall outlet as opposed to plugging it into a power strip along with other devices.

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