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March 25th, 2022

Ambient Light

More about the Ambient light feature

What Is Ambient Light Mode?

The Ambient light feature is a great way to use the nightlight. This feature detects when your surroundings become dark and will automatically turn on the night light. When the surroundings return to light, ambient mode will turn your night light back off. 

Having Troubles?

The Ambient feature works best in an area in which it can be exposed to direct lighting. We've found that due to the location of the diffusers sensor, and your room lighting surrounding the diffuser, the sensor may be unable to determine when to turn the night light on and off. If direct lighting in relation to the sensor is not possible, the ambient function may not be able to behave as it normally would. 
Ambient mode will continue to improve as we actively work on solutions to better the Pura experience. 
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