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January 19th, 2023

Favoriting Fragrances

Keep track of your favorite scents
The favorites feature is here to help you keep track of your preferred scents and make your shopping experience more streamlined.

Favorites Step-by-step

1. Open your Pura app, go to the Deliveries tab, then click Add Items.
2. Browse the fragrances and when you find one you like, click the heart symbol on the top right corner of the product page.
3. To access your list of favorites, open the Pura app, and click on the Deliveries tab.
4. On the top of the Deliveries page, you'll see an option to select labeled Lists. Click on it.
5. Once you click on the Lists option, you'll be taken to a page where you can access your Favorites list. 
6. From your Favorites list, you can easily browse through your preferred fragrances, add them to your cart, and even purchase as needed. Happy shopping! 
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