To set up a new routine with Alexa, open your Alexa app, then open the side menu and select Routines.

Click the add button, and follow the prompts

Add a trigger to the routine. It can be a phrase you say to Alexa, a scheduled event, an interaction with an echo button, an alarm, a smart home device action, or a location based event.

When adding actions, select "Smart Home" from the Add New list, then choose your Pura devices and hit Next

You can change the On / Off state with Power, your selected fragrance with Active Bay, and the nightlight brightness and color with Brightess and Set Color options.

Choosing from this list opens a small drawer beneath each selected option with the relevant controls. Adjust to your liking and hit Next.

Add as many more actions as you like!

We're always adding more, if we haven't included something you're looking for, hang tight or drop a line to our support team!

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